Discover A Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment Regime That Works!

In my experience, the bacterial vaginosis natural treatments that really work to get you lasting and permanent results, are the ones that focus on the underlying cause of BV rather than just treating the symptoms of a bacterial overgrowth. natu-real

One of the most common causes of bacterial vaginosis is a disruption in the vaginal environment, especially in the subtle chemical balance that exists inside the vagina. Even when the cause of BV is something else entirely (like a weakened immune system for example), bacterial vaginosis itself causes a disruption in the vaginal environment.

So whatever the cause of BV, all women tend to benefit significantly when they focus on restoring the vaginal environment back to its natural and healthy state.

This is best achieved by using a combination of different treatments, since some bacterial vaginosis natural treatments are better at killing bacteria, whereas others are more oriented toward natural vaginal flora replenishment.

Most women that fail at getting rid of bacterial vaginosis permanently using natural methods, do so because they use only one of the above methods. Or they use both methods together but apply the wrong timing or dosage.

Some bacterial vaginosis natural treatments that are effective at killing the overgrown bacteria in bacterial vaginosis, include douching with hydrogen peroxide, betadine or diluted vinegar, and the use of natural antibacterials such as tea tree oil and garlic suppositories. These are all very common natural BV treatments that are used by thousands of women around the world, but they are rarely reported to permanently cure BV.

Instead, you will find that women who use these treatments, do so on a regular basis to ward off the symptoms of BV when it gets particularly bad.

Little do these women know, that when they use the above treatments in combination with other types of natural treatment, they stand a good chance of getting rid of their BV permanently, so they never have to worry about treating their symptoms again. An example of the other type of bacterial vaginosis natural treatment is the use of natural unpasteurized yogurt containing live strains of lactobacilli, nashvilleworkerscompensationattorney which are the good bacteria that are naturally present inside your vagina.

When you kill off the overgrown bacteria with one or more of the above methods, and then at the right time, introduce good bacteria into your vagina using probiotic yogurts, this gives you an excellent chance at curing your BV permanently.

When you eat probiotic yogurts containing lactobacilli, these lactobacilli sit in your rectum. From there, they migrate into your vagina (since the rectum is anatomically just behind the vagina). Inside your vagina these lactobacilli have to fight for a space in which to settle before they can start releasing chemicals that will help to revert your vagina back to its natural, healthy state.

There are two strains of lactobacilli that have been shown to do this particularly well, whereas other strains have no positive effect at all. So it’s important to use the correct type of probiotic yogurt.

It’s important to note, that where probiotics used alone in the treatment of BV do work on some women, this is not a very effective method of treatment on its own. Since the lactobacilli have to fight to settle in inside the vagina before they can get to work, they don’t do very well when your vagina is already overflowing with bad bacteria. It is best therefore, to kill off the overgrowth of bad bacteria with another method first, before incorporating probiotics into your regime.







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