Breaking News Insurance Marketing Tips to Help You Pump Up Profits in a Perilous Economy?

A classic speech called Acres of Diamonds shares the tale of a farmer who was looking for riches and walked away from his farm in search of wealth only to discover years later that the farm he sold was actually littered with acres of diamonds.

The farmer did not know what to look for and that is why he was within reach of wealth, but died a pauper.

Small business owners such as insurance agents are sitting on acres of diamonds, news123 yet searching for marketing solutions for their insurance agency in all the wrong places.

One place insurance agents should be looking for ways to grow their book of business and get new insurance leads is in their local news. Let me explain.

To get new insurance leads most insurance agents would be willing to do just about anything. But when they buy the leads from various providers they are getting the exact same leads that every other agent in town is buying. It is like using somebody else’s toothbrush. That will always leave a bad taste in your mouth.

But what insurance agents should do is get insurance leads the easy way by using their own direct response marketing. And one of the best places to get ideas of how to present the marketing is in your own local news.

Here’s what I’m talking about. Think about the sound bites that the news uses to get you to want to see what they will be covering when the news comes on. This formula works and that is why most everybody watches the news.

Here’s an example A Local Business Owner Fights Back This creates curiosity and makes you want to discover what they are fighting about right? Now if the news broadcaster said Local Business Owner Fights Back And Takes Aim At High Gas Prices then this is even more detailed and creates a stronger desire to hear the news doesn’t it? With just the small addition of the words Takes Aim At High Gas Prices luxuri compels most people who would read this or hear it to want to know what is this all about. And the knee jerk response for those who hear this is I want to know what this is all about!

So the bottom line is you can and should be doing your research by reading and watching the news not so much for the content, but for the method of delivery and then emulate their style to create marketing that creates insurance leads.

So here is one more example that insurance agents could use to create quality insurance leads: Shocking News From Local Insurance Agent Reveals Drivers In Mayberry, CA Are At Risk. Could You Lose It All? Get Details By Calling 24hr FREE Recorded message 800-123-4567 This sounds like it would be a sound bite for the news. So it gets your prospects attention.

It breaks the norm of providing a Free quote. Agents thewordcounter could simply input their own town and provide details about a claim that lead to financial ruin because of poor coverages and then explain their Unique Proprietary Process to help assure that this would not happen to the prospect.







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