All About Webpage Domain Name Registration (Reasons and Services)

First and foremost is that the Internet is not passé and experiencing a downward trend. The fact is its still growing at an astounding daily rate. Most people modern day are computer savvy and a very large majority now actually research a product or information domain rating increasing service online before making a decision to purchase. If you’re thinking about starting or expanding a business opportunity on the Internet the time is right. The first step is to register your business name, even before you complete building your a website.

Some of the most basic and understood reasons for wanting to register an independent domain name are as follows;

1. Unique identity. Many search engines Emsculpt NYC will no longer list redundant affiliate Websites as they see them all as simply the same Website which would inundate and clutter their directory. Additionally, Internet surfers are not looking for replicated sites and would search using a service that provides the best and most varying information for a customer’s valuable time. With a personal domain name however, you get Websites listed in search engines, increased exposure and subsequently generate more free traffic and sales for the site you work so hard to put up in the forefront.

2. Professionalism. Customers seek out professional companies offering quality products and services. A personal domain offers and presents a professional image, prestige, and invaluable credibility. A personal domain allows the webmaster to customize, add, alter, include or delete and present their products and services in the manner they specifically choose.

3. Another words, Control. The Webmaster (you) have complete control as to what your site looks like and what information it contains.

4. Short, sweet address. Instead of having to advertise long, hard-to-remember URLs, you, can create an easy-to-remember domain name (e.g. From there, building a Website with links to your Gateway(s) or, in the case of affiliate sites you wish to promote is a simple matter. You can easily set a personal domain to automatically redirect (referred to as “URL forwarding”) to a favorite Gateway or any other site. For example, you could advertise a name like, but when your prospects enter that URL, they’ll be automatically be redirected to the Gateway of your choosing.

5. A Permanent address. With a personal domain, noxtransfer you and your family or business can have permanent, lifetime e-mail addresses that you’ll never have to change.

Like everything, not all similar services and products are created equally. You do in fact get what you pay for. Domain registrations can go from $1.99 up to and exceed $30 annually. Check the fine print and be sure you know exactly the benefits each registrar has to offer. There is some pretty common ground out there among the competition. Some offer you hosting as well (a place to park your Webpage). Web hosting packages include storage, email accounts, hindpanchang domain and more services to consider for your complete business needs! Some sell you a domain name at a highly affordable rate but you might just be sacrificing the ability to transfer your new domain name to another hosting service so again, read the small print if you have other plans and services already in place.

Many domain services allow you to keep your contact information updated easily by using their Domain Management System. You will also be able to renew your domain name and update the Domain Name Servers (DNS information). By using your unique username and password established when you registered the domain name with their company.

The domain registrar that I personally use has some unusual features such as Word Wizard which allows me to use the name of a major city or state as part of a domain name to make it memorable. The Word Wizard combines my keyword with either category to create a domain name. Then to there is a function called Domain Twist where if you are having trouble coming up with an available name, i-base the Domain Twist takes words and gives them a twirl to come up with variations of the original name.

A function that I particularly like is in an instance where if you already own a domain name that you registered using another registrar you can save money by taking advantage of their low transfer price. An added benefit to transferring your domain to the service I use is that they will also add one year to the original registration term you had with the company you are transferring you domain name from.
They also let me search and register a maximum of 30 domains at one time and register variations of my primary domain names to avoid confusion and copycat sites.

Best of all now that we all deal with international customers (and I have personally not found it anywhere else) is the ability to create domain names in Korean, Japanese, businessenglish2go traditional and simplified Chinese characters. This function means the name you create will work just like any English-character name in that you can enter it into your browser and be taken to the corresponding website.







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